wiggle chair

“The molten curves of the Wiggle Chair not only display Frank Gehry’s highly sculptural and expressive use of form but also his humor in reworking historical themes and references — in this case he pays homage to Gerrit Reitveld’s Zig – Zag chair of 1934.  Gehry’s chair is made of cheap cardboard, built up in thick layers laminated at right angles to one another to achieve a strong, solid appearance.  The rich tactile surface also belies the paucity of the paper it is made out of.  Gehry particularly liked it because it ‘looked like corduroy, it felt like corduroy, it was seductive’.  The Wiggle chair was originally conceived in 1972 as part of a seventeen – piece set of furniture called Easy Edges manufactured by Jack Brogan.”  From Phaidon Design Classics

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